Walking . . . is how the body measures itself against the Earth.

Rebecca Solnit.

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We use technology to be more connected with nature. We are digital media artists, teachers and researchers experimenting in the field of spatial narratives and locative media with mobile technology. We create locative games & walking stories and give workshops oriented to ecological identities.

Oika Kids Workshops

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We are collaborating with the holistic scientist Rich Blundell since 2014. We created the Oika Kids workshops with the aim to extend Rich worldview and methodology for kids. We explore how we can use digital technology to reflect our interactions with nature. We use VR and AR contents combined with the training of our senses in the outdoors. Oika Kids is part of the project.

Our team of experts

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Fred Adam

Locative Media

Fred Adam is artist and researcher founder of the web portal. Specialist in spatial narrative and locative media since 2006. He is collaborating with artists, scientists, teachers and environmentalists in innovative projects mainly in the US, England and Spain. He is actually participating as a trainer and art director for the oika project leaded by the scientist Rich Blundell. In 2018 Fred started the oika Spain community and created the Oika Kids project.
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Verónica Perales


Verónica Perales is artist and teacher at the University of Murcia in Spain. Co founder of the art collective Transnational Temps, she is teaching Hypermedia and Transmedia technics since 2007. She is mixing analogic artworks like drawings with creations on mobile devices.
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Horacio González

GIS programming

Horacio González is artist and programmer co-founder of the art collective Escoitar and co creator of the Notours framework. he is a pioneer in programming open source locative resources like collaborative maps and locative apps since 2002. He is actually managing the plugin CGEOMAP we are offering at the Lab.

Online & Offline courses on demand


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